Zebra Mildliner BRUSH Pen Markers - 15 Colors Available


Zebra Mildliner Brush Pens bring the popular highlighters into brush form. They feature soft colored ink in watery hues and work well as highlighters and lettering pens. They are double ended and include a convenient fine tip point for regular writing and underlining.

15 colors: Mild Blue, Mild Blue Green, Mild Brown, Mild Dark Blue, Mild Gold, Mild Gray, Mild Green, Mild Magenta, Mild Orange, Mild Pink, Mild Red, Mild Smoke Blue, Mild Vermilion, Mild Violet, and Mild Yellow.

15 Colors available:

  • Mild Gray 
  • Mild Dark Blue
  • Mild Smoke Blue
  • Mild Light Blue
  • Mild Blue Green
  • Mild Green
  • Mild Yellow
  • Mild Gold
  • Mild Orange
  • Mild Vermillion
  • Mild Red
  • Mild Pink
  • Mild Magenta
  • Mild Violet
  • Mild Brown