Yamamoto Paper A4 Loose Paper Packs - Washi Kin-Kaku-Den Super White 50pk

Yamamoto Paper

In the fall of 2018, the manufacturer of Kin Kaku Den, Sakamoto Paper Industries, decided to close their operations. Sakamoto Paper Industries had a long history of making paper by hand before they switched to mechanized paper production in the 1960s. Kin Kaku Den was a paper they developed through extensive trial-and-error with the goal to create Washi paper suitable for offset printing.

The name was inspired by the glimmering light reflected off of the main hall of the temple. Kin Kaku Den was commonly used in letter sets and for prayer writing by Buddhist monks. It is also used by the Ino Washi Museum for their pamphlets and entry tickets. Unfortunately they decided to cease operations due to the retirement of their paper master and the aging of their equipment which made maintenance difficult.

Size: A4
Grain direction: Short grain