LAMY Safari Fountain Pen - Cozy Strawberry


A longing for comfort resonates in the "cozy" color collection, featuring Cozy Strawberry and Cozy Cream. The color duo conveys a positive, relaxed attitude.

The LAMY Safari features an ABS plastic body and steel nib with metal clips. They sport the iconic LAMY body and matching grip with window to see ink in the body. Also enclosed is a blue LAMY ink cartridge so you can get started writing right away.

Can be used with cartridge or LAMY converter.

Note: This pen may come with ink residue in the nib from being dip tested by LAMY at the factory. As with all new fountain pens, we recommend giving your LAMY a good cleaning before you use it.

Size: 5.5" - Capped, 6.7" Posted