Kyo-Iro Ink - Moonlight of Higashiyama 40 ml - KI-0104

Takeda Jimuki

The Kyo No Oto Inks from Japan are water-based fountain pen inks which are crafted into perfection. These inks are made using traditional Japanese dying techniques that date back to the Heian Era, over a 1,000 years ago. These beautiful inks give every user a pleasurable writing experience.

Tsukikage of Higashiyama. A town of tradition, creation, culture, and peace of mind, Higashiyama. While there are many historical sites and sites of scenic beauty, there are rustic sideways, along with the townscapes of townhouses, along with the crowded shopping streets and shops.

  • Dye Ink
  • Part number: KI-0104
  • Capacity: 40 ml
  • Application: Fountain pen and pen