Kokuyo Gloo Glue Stick - Color Changing (Blue)


The innovative square shape of the Kokuyo glue stick is great for allowing you to get into the corners of anything you are glueing down.  It also means that your glue stick won't roll off of your table - yay!

There are three versions to choose from:  the standard gray version (permanent), the blue version which has tinted the glue blue so you can see where you are applying the glue (it dries clear) and the orange version which is a wrinkle free version. 

All of the glue sticks are acid free.  In order to open the glue you pull the cap from the rounded end of the glue stick and twist the square end to advance the glue.  A great addition to any pencil case or desktop you will find yourself reaching for this glue stick for all of your paper glueing needs.

Quick tip - If you happen to get any excess glue outside of the area you are glueing, just allow it to dry and then use an eraser to remove it.