Kleid Fleek A5 Binder - Charcoal


Elevate your note-taking with the stylish Kleid Fleek binder. The flexible synthetic leather cover is elegantly adorned with a gold embossed design in the lower right-hand corner and reinforced with gold-colored corners.

The interior features an innovative ring layout designed for comfort and ease of use. Instead of the usual 20 rings running the length of the spine, this binder has just four rings at the top and four at the bottom, making it easier to rest your arm across the spine. Despite the unique design, your paper remains securely in place, and you can use any standard 20-hole A5 paper. Opening the rings is simple—just pull down the tab at the bottom of the spine.

Included with the binder are ten sheets of cream-colored OK Fools Paper, featuring a 2 mm graph pattern. This high-end Japanese writing paper, inspired by British foolscap paper, is ideal for fountain pen users and anyone who values premium-quality paper. Additional sheets can be found under Recommended Refills/Parts.

Size: 218 x 167 x 20mm