Boxed Ink Sample Booklet Set - Blue

Ryu Ryu

This collection box includes an ink sample booklet for creating color samples of your inks, 12 tag-shaped message cards and blotting paper. Packaged in a convenient sliding box, it makes a perfect gift for ink and fountain pen enthusiasts.

The compact size is ideal for recording ink colors and carrying with you to compare shades when purchasing new inks or attending ink swaps. The ink booklet tag-shaped message cards are made from smooth, non-slip paper, providing a comfortable writing experience compatible with glass pens and fountain pens, and minimizing bleeding or show-through.

The blotting paper is specially designed to absorb ink and other substances, speeding up the drying process and ensuring a clean, smudge-resistant surface.

Set contents: 1 ink sample book, 12 cards (3 types x 4 of each), 2 blotting papers, 1 box and 1 metal ring

Box: Approx. H70mm x W100mm x D22mm

Cards and blotting paper: H55mm x W91mm