Latest News - July 17, 2020

Covid-19 Update from Paper Plus Cloth 

Hello friends,

We will be operating on the following schedule until further notice. Please also note the new policies developed for the safety of our staff and patrons and to adhere to the new city bi-laws re: Masks in public places. 

Shop Hours:
Tuesdays - 12-6pm and (11-12pm in store by appointment only)
Thursdays - 12-6pm and (11-12pm in store by appointment only)
Fridays - 12-6pm and (11-12pm in store by appointment only)
Saturdays - 12-6pm


IN-Store Appointment-only shopping 11-12am - Tues/Thurs/Fri

For those who are immunocompromised, elderly or prefer to shop in private, we are offering up to 20min appointments for the first hour of Tues/Fri/Sat. Appointment must be scheduled and confirmed by us the day before.

Email: to schedule. 


In-Store Shopping - Please note...

  • A maximum of 5 ppl will be allowed in the shop at one time
  • Shoppers are asked to use our hand sanitizer prior to shopping
  • Customers must wear a mask while in the store. If you do not have a mask, a disposable mask can be purchased from us for $1.50
  • Customers are asked to maintain at least a 6ft distance apart from one another (this is marked on the floor for reference)
  • Cashless transactions only
  • No public washroom on-site


What we are doing:

  • CURBSIDE pick up will still be available on the days we are open
  • Hand sanitizer and masks available
  • Terminal will be disinfected after each customer
  • Product disinfection via UVC at each day's end
  • 6ft Distancing markers on floor for customer reference
  • Virtual Shopping will still be available! 

Click here to book your virtual shopping appointment:


How you can help:

  • If you are feeling ill or under the weather, please refrain from shopping in-store and contact us to place an online order
  • Please browse online to see what products we have available, or feel free to email us any questions you have
  • Shop online if possible



We have moved some workshops online. Feel free to take a look at the classes you can now do from the comfort of your home. We will evaluate smaller workshops and private workshops once the next phase of opening is announced.

For information and tips on how to stay healthy please visit the public health resources re: COVID-19 on the Government of Canada Website:


Thank you for your support.