Yamamoto Paper A4 Loose Paper Packs - Kamifubuki 50pk

Yamamoto Paper

Kamifubuki, founded in 1927, is a work of Umeda Japanese paper. Using a two-layer papermaking method, a surface layer made of finely cut Echizen folk craft paper is laminated on top of the base paper. Appropriate anti-bleeding is applied to the surface layer. It can be used with water-based and oil-based ballpoint pens, brush pens, and fountain pen inks that do not bleed.

  • Weight: 45g/㎡ Size: A4 (210 x 297mm)
  • Number of sheets: 50
  • Inkjet print suitable:
  • Laser print suitable
  • Paper grain - Horizontal grain

Size: A4
Grain direction: Long grain

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