Studio Lotus Original Yura No In Stamp - "Nandina" Main Boxwood Yuin

Lotus Atelier

Yura No In are beautiful engraved original wooden stamps from Studio Lotus / Lotus Atelier in Fukuoka, Japan. Established in 1910, the studio is rich in history and had carefully engraved their stamps in what is now a rare type of boxwood grown only in Kagoshima, Japan. This rarity has made this wood difficult to source in recent years but the beautiful detail steeped in tradition is still present in their collection of stamps. 

Unlike rubber stamps, the simple, yet elegant design is engraved directly into the wood instead of into a rubber that is attached to the wood. This is a much slower and delicate process that is finished off by hand. How to use and care for this stamp is noted below.

To use:
  • Stamp is a flat wood vs. a cushiony rubber and stamping will take practice as the surface must have flat contact with paper for perfect impression. A mouse pad or thick paper(s) beneath the surface is helpful to stamp into.
  • Gently dab stamp into ink pad and ensure surface is evenly coated with ink
  • Oil based inks are recommended
To clean:
  • After use, wipe off excess ink gently with tissue
  • Dab stamp surface onto tissue to remove any extra ink
  • DO NOT clean by washing with water or any other liquid type cleaner as it can be soaked by the wood and damage the stamp
  • Allowing ink to dry will require more vigorous cleaning and this may damage the stamp over time. Please wipe clean after each use.
Stamps are then wrapped in translucent Japanese paper and finished with a paper band with the stamp design on the front.

Stamp Imprint: 12mm square
Stamp Material size: 11 x 10.5mm 

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