Yamamoto Paper A4 Loose Paper Packs - Tomoe River 50pk

Yamamoto Paper

Tomoe River is known for being thin and light. It handles fountain pens, ball-point pens, and pencils well. It is made from a superb combination of broadleaf tree kraft pulp (Eucalyptus) and needle-leaf tree kraft pulp (Pine) that provide a beautiful surface and thin, light, strong and tough, and these makes it easy for notebooks to lie flat.

It has gained worldwide attention as the paper used by the Hobonichi Techo. Unfortunately, the Tomoe River paper mill announced in 2019 that it will be shutting down the machine unit 07 they used to make this paper. But the machine unit 09 took over making this paper. In Feb 2021, They announced that it will be shutting down the machine unit 09 too.

The production line of Tomoe River is undecided after October 2021. However they are forming plans to continue a New Tomoe River supply with other Japanese paper mills. Due to the declining demand for paper, many paper companies seem to be reassessing their supply chain and manufacturing processes to achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Size: A4
Grain direction: Long grain