Yamamoto Paper A4 Loose Paper Packs - Eastory COC 50pk

Yamamoto Paper

This paper was developed by Mr. Ken Uchihiro of Matsushita company, a paper distributor based in Kyoto. He was moved by a 2013 newspaper article commenting on the resurgence of handwriting in the digital age. It was developed with the goal of producing a paper that was smooth for a great writing experience, had no feathering nor bleed-through, fast drying, and can be used on both sides.

Through a long trial-and-error process with Oji F-tex, came about Eastory. Our ink tests with blue and black Sailor and Platinum inks showed no feathering nor bleed-through. Very wet redish-pinkish J. Herbin inks showed slight feathering and bleed-through. We recommend writing with Medium or finer nibs. We really like the roughness that travels through the pen-tip when writing.

Size: A4
Grain direction: Short grain