Yamamoto Paper A4 Loose Paper Packs - Bank Paper Premium 50pk

Yamamoto Paper

In 2020, Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd. and Yamamoto Paper embarked on the joint development of a new brand of paper. At their project launch meeting on February 4 at the Mitsubishi Paper Takasago Mill, Taizo Yamamoto (Yamamoto Paper) proposed the creation of Bank Paper Takasago Premium. He set the following five goals for this new paper: (1) To pursue a writing paper that is suitable for fountain pens, (2) with a silky surface (smoothness), (3) that enhances ink shading, (4) that produces accurate color rendition (brightness), and (5) that has quick dry times to be suitable for note-taking. From the perspective of paper making, many of these features conflict with each outer. For instance, paper that absorbs ink slowly produces greater shading, but is not suitable for use as a notebook because it smears. However, the development team at the Takasago Paper Plant managed to overcome these challenges by finely adjusting the raw ingredients, the sizing materials, and the press machinery.

After several series of trials, Bank Paper Takasago Premium was finally produced by Takasago Unit No. 4 on September 8, 2020. As a sign of meeting Mitsubishi Paper's high quality standards, the paper bears the "THREE DIAMONDS" watermark, a watermark that is awarded only to Mitsubishi's highest quality papers. developed by the Oji Oleochemical Paper Research Institute, a joint venture between Oji Paper and Mitsubishi Petrochemical, to address the problem of depletion of wood resources due to increased consumption. The institute applied for basic patents for its manufacturing technology in Japan, Europe, the United States, and many other countries, and was widely talked about as the "development of a dream paper.

Size: A4
Grain direction: short grain paper