Written Word Calligraphy x Dr. Ph Martins Dip Pen Ink - Warm Tones

Written Word Calligraphy

This is a Written Word Calligraphy x Dr. Ph Martins collaboration to create an exclusive line of muted colored calligraphy inks, in warm tones and cool tones. Choose from a single color or set of 5 inks in warm tones.

This Warm Tone set has 5 beautiful inks:

  • 1 oz Blush - a delicate pink shade with gray undertones
  • 1 oz Taupe - a warm gray color, a dark beige
  • 1 oz Coral - an understated peach shade 
  • 1 oz Dusty Rose -  a subdued pink-violet mix 
  • 1 oz Rust - a terracotta color with a touch of gray 

These inks are designed for pen or brush use. Shake at least 30 seconds to ensure the pigment is even throughout the ink. It is lightfast, meaning it won't fade/discolor when exposed to light. It is water-resistant ink. Please note that the color of the ink from the bottle is not how it looks after the ink dries, it dries darker.