Written Word Calligraphy - Dual Purpose Calligraphy Pen

Written Word Calligraphy

Karen Lim is a modern calligrapher, designer and calligraphy educator based in Vancouver, Canada.  She has designed a beautiful calligraphy collection that we are excited to carry. Her brand, Written Word Calligraphy specializes in gorgeous  calligraphy products for beginners and stationery lovers.

A great beginner calligraphy pen that is light in the hand and has the flexibility of switching between a straight and an oblique pen. This hand-turned solid maple convertible oblique pen with brass flange and a tapered end was designed with an ergonomic shape for comfort. The removable brass flange makes for an easy conversion to a straight pen. Fits a Nikko G nib and other similar sized nibs. It's both pretty and practical and made specifically for modern calligraphy.

Size: 7.5 inches in length
Nib not included.