Traveler's Notebook Solid Brass Ruler

Traveler's Company

TRAVELER’S FACTORY Solid brass ruler (42167006)

Traveler’s Factory made simple ruler made from solid brass. 
Pull out the brass plate with a force of 45 tons, arrange it, bend it, arrange it, carve the memory with laser engraving to create a ruler. Draw a straight line and measure it exactly. Because the ruler is a simple tool, you will be asked for the delicate technology Made in Japan. It was easy to pick up, and I started up a little bit on one side so that lines could easily be pulled with an ink pen. 

Although it has golden gloss at the beginning of use, it gets deeper and shades deeper as you use it for a long time, it will change to appear like an antique tool 

Size: Package / H 105 × W 200 × D 3 mm Body / H20 × W 160 mm
Content: Ruler / brass package / PP bag entry 
Made in Japan