Traveler's Notebook Refill 022 - Regular Size - Sticky Notes

Traveler's Company

It is an exclusive binding paper (022) that fits perfectly in traveler's notes and is easy to use together. 

Thirty pieces of 8 kinds of tag paper such as a simple message card and a frame designed for use as a message memo, from a thin size useful for indexes, things that are designed as a message card or a message memo, I set it. It is set on a cover made of PP which passes through the rubber of the traveler's note and the connecting band just right and it fits well. 

It is a tag paper for traveler's notes that can be conveniently used whenever necessary by carrying around with travelers' notes. 

Content: Coated paper / paper made of 8 sizes × 30 
covers / made by PP 

Size: Body: H 210 × W 108 mm 

Made in Japan