Traveler's Notebook Refill 023 - Regular Size - Film Pocket Seal

Traveler's Company

It is a card-sized transparent film pocket seal (023) that can be adhered perfectly to the refill of Traveler's note. 

Just sticking, you can use the note refill as a business card/card file or album. Taking advantage of the features of the sticker that can be affixed to a favorite position, use the left page as a pocket and use the right page as a memorandum field, put photos and tickets cut out in your pocket, receipts etc, and keep a diary or record in the vacant space And you can lay out the position of your pocket freely. 
There are 18 pockets in one pack. 

Pocket (business card size) 18 sheets Material / PET made 

Size: H223 × W112 mm 

Made in Japan