Traveler's Notebook Brass Clip Number

Traveler's Company

TRAVELER’S FACTORY Brass clip number (4308 0006)

Traveler’s Factory made clip in which numbers from 1 to 12 are marked with a die cut. 

The hotel was still secretly operated in some other country in the era when the world was completely unrelated to computers and the Internet. I made it by imagining the room plate that was on the door of the room. It is also recommended for books and index books, and also attached to mounts and envelopes, for organizing documents and business cards. 

I'd appreciate it if you can spend everyday with a little warm feeling by adding a nostalgic feeling of warmth to brass tools every day. 

Size: package / H 105 × W 200 × D 3 mm body / H 31 × W 17 mm
Contents: clip / brass 12 pieces packaging / PP bag entering 
Made in Japan