Tombow Irojiten Color Dictionary Color Pencil Set - Seascape


Irojiten from Tombow is a gorgeous set of high quality colored pencils beautifully arranged in boxed sets resembling volumes of cloth covered books. Beautifully crafted colored pencils with soft lead produces rich, creamy texture and smooth even blending. These high quality wax-based, artist grade pencils are grouped in sets of 30 - 10 per "book" and are available in 3 different sets arranged by color tone.

This set includes tones Fluorescent, Very Pale & Dull I

Volume 7 (Florescent) includes:

Dazzling Sun (F-5), Equatorial Orange (F-3), Firefly Yellow (F-6), Flash Green (F-9), Lightning Yellow (F-7), Neon Green (F-8), Plastic Pink (F-1), Sunset Orange (F-4), Surprise Red (F-2), and Vigorous Green (F-10).

Volume 8 (Very Pale) includes:

Almond Blossom (VP-2), Asparagus (VP-5), Cameo Pink (VP-1), Cascade (VP-7), Ecru (VP-3), Eggshell (VP-4), Horizon Blue (VP-8), Lupine (VP-9), Opal Green (VP-6), and Verbena (VP-10).

Volume 9 (Dull I) includes:

Cedar Wood (DL-1), Cinnamon (DL-2), Heather (DL-9), Hummingbird (DL-6), Hydrangea Blue (DL-8), Jay Blue (DL-7), Oil Yellow (DL-3), Sage Green (DL-4), Tyrian Purple (DL-10), and Verdigris (DL-5).