Take A Note RECORD Master Bullet Journal - Black

Take A Note

The Take A Note planner was a winner of the Good Design Award in 2017, and was the first Taiwanese brand to win this distinction. It's designer, Santin Aki is both a designer and photographer. Aki's travels and collaborations with artists all over the world has influenced the evolution of the Take A Note planner. Find out more about their Good Design Award here: https://www.g-mark.org/award/describe/44751

This is an innovative bullet journal that enhances note-taking experiences with the following features: 

  • The new designed SMART GRIDS and the horizontal and vertical anchor points for dividing the page into three or four equal parts show clear formats at one glance
  • Lay flat binding
  • The unique structure design, including a proper width for users to hold with one hand and the thick back cover, allows users to write while moving or standing
  • Uses 4mm grids as the core format; single grids are suitable for English or Japanese, and double grids for Chinese characters
  • Utilize the 2mm mini-grids to align and draw formats; with the specially created pale-colored printing, users’ vision will not be interfered even if they are not using those mini-grids
  • In the pursuit of writing quality, the journal is made of Japan’s high-quality journal paper—68gsm Tomoe River Paper to deliver an excellent writing sensation
  • The ample 160 pages only weigh 100g, and each is marked with page numbers; a lightweight journal yet ensures at least half a year of writing volume

Size: 9.5 x 17 x 0.8cm