Studio Lotus Vermillion Ink Pad for Yura No In Stamp - Dark Red Brown

Lotus Atelier

This is a pot of kneaded vermillion colored ink in a screw top metal pot. Vermillion comes in various shades and this one is a beautiful rich red-brown. This traditional ink must be kneaded well prior to use. Can be kneaded with a (non food handling) small spatula. This type of ink is affected by temperature. Do not store open or expose to daylight. Hot summer temperatures may render the ink loose and sticky. Simply put into the refrigerator to cool and then knead prior to use.

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Yura No In are beautiful engraved original wooden stamps from Studio Lotus / Lotus Atelier in Fukuoka, Japan. Established in 1910, the studio is rich in history and had carefully engraved their stamps in what is now a rare type of boxwood grown only in Kagoshima, Japan. (This rarity has made this wood difficult to source in recent years but the beautiful detail steeped in tradition is still present in their collection of stamps).