Stalogy 365 Days Notebook A5 DOT GRID - Black


STALOGY ~ stationery, standard and technology. Producing items with good design and function at a reasonable price, Stalogy has evolved into something that would provide value to as many people as possible. 

This 365 Days Dotted Notebook can be used in a wide range of applications including but not limited to:  bullet journaling, planning, brush lettering and storyboard documentation.   The dot grid version has the dots printed at 5mm intervals to aid with letter alignment, drawing, measurement length documentation etc. The dot grid  version does not have the date selection at the top of the page or the hourly markings on the left margin of the page like the standard version has.  

Because it uses thin, bleed resistant, fountain pen friendly paper  it's not only thin enough that you can't imagine it has 368 pages in total but you can use a variety of mediums in it and carry it around without it taking up too much space in your bag or purse.

Size:  210cm x 148cm