Shinzi Katoh Postage Style Kirapika Flake Stickers (11) - Andersen's Fairy Tales 1

Shinzi Katoh

This is a boxed set of stamp-style flake stickers with gold hologram foil details in a matchbook style case. The design of the box is based on the image of the binding of the actual book and you can enjoy the boxed stickers like little books arranged on a bookshelf. There are 3 sheets each of 10 kinds of patterns, for a total of 30 stickers.

  • Package size (box): Length 60 mm x Width 45 mm x Depth 18 mm 
  • Sticker size: Length 45 mm x Width 35 mm (2 patterns), Height 35 mm x Width 25 mm (8 patterns)
  • Sticker material: Masking tape material

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, Shinzi Katoh has spent over 50 years designing miscellaneous goods and stationery as well as  illustrating picture books. He has won countless awards and boasts collaborations with many well known brands such as Disney, Pokemon and Astro Boy. His characters and illustrations are whimsical, playful and surreal. These postage-stamp-like stickers highlight his work in such a precious way and have made these stickers hard to stock all over the world!