Shachihata Iromoyo Inking Bottles - Akaneiro SAC-8-DR


Create your own original stamp pad using multiple ink colors with the blank stamp pad and a mixture of these Iromoyo Inks.
Create your own ink combinations and with the focused tip, you can create creative designs with the ink that will translate into wonderful color combinations when stamping. After applying the ink, the stamp pad will not dry even if the lid is left open. The stamp image will have excellent water resistance, light resistance and quick drying time. Dries quickly and doesn't bleed, so it's perfect for multicolored use. It can be widely used for rubber stamps and resin stamps. The ink on the stamp surface can be wiped off with water-moistened tissue paper.

Includes: ink (8 ml) x 1, spatula x 1

Do not use for any purpose other than applying to Shachihata "Iromoyo Series".
* Avoid mixing with inks other than Shachihata's "Iromoyo Series Ink".
* Not suitable for non-absorbent surfaces, art paper, coated paper, and other hard-to-absorb paper.
* The color of the product is different from the actual color.