Shachihata Iromoyo Blank Ink Pad


A blank page, or in this case a blank ink pad, is a wonderful thing. Full of amazing possibilities to create an ink pad completely bespoke to you. Using the Iromoyo Ink Bottle refills you can create your own custom ink pad with a variety of colours. Simply squeeze a little bit of ink onto the area you want to add the colour to (a little goes a long way) and continue adding color(s) until the white fabric ink pad is no longer white. Use the spatula to spread color and coax it into the pad.

These ink pads are a perfect way to create shading when stamping if you use a variety of colours in the same color family or a fuss free way to add a variety of colours to a single stamped image.

How pretty would it be to create a stamp pad you could use for all of your floral or botanical stamps.  Or a vintage feeling ink pad with various shades of browns.  Let your imagination soar and create an ink pad that is uniquely your own.

*Blank Ink pad only. Does not include inks or stamps. Inks sold separately.
Size: 63 × 40mm
Made In Japan