Sailor Yurameku 2nd Edition Fountain Pen Ink 20ml Bottle - Hana Gokoro


The 2nd Edition of Yurameku inks expands the initial collection of color changing, water-based inks from Sailor. This series is inspired by a "fluctuating heart". The color changes depending on the length of time and the paper. It's a mysterious ink that shows glimpses of different colors in shades and streaks.  Hanagokoro is a color that represents "a mind like a flower, fragile and shifting".

What makes these inks exciting is that the colors change depending on the paper it's written on, as well as over time! An ink can look completely different from one paper to another or from one week to another. It's surprising and mysterious ink with beautiful shading.

It's an exciting ink to use with your fountain pen, glass pen or dip pen such as the Sailor Hocoro!. 

*swatching in photos is on Tomoe River paper