Classiky Box - First Aid Box 17098-06 - Large


***Box does not come with washi tapes, or other items as shown in the photo. For demonstrative purposes only***

This is for the Classiky Large First Aid Box: This collection of boxes are sized deeper than their toolbox counterpart. The craftsmanship of the Classiky toolboxes is truly gorgeous. Beautifully rounded edges, dovetail joints and thoughtful hardware have made this box a luxury tool for serious stationery enthusiasts. (There are 3 sizes available).

Fashioned by hand and made from Tsuga which is an evergreen conifer that belongs to the genus Tsuga in the Pinaceae family. It is slightly soft wood with a beautiful straight grain and dense texture. 

Box measures Width 32.6 x Depth 21 x Height 16 cm

Made In Japan