Take A Note RECORD Lite Undated Monthly Planner

Take A Note


The Take A Note planner was a winner of the Good Design Award in 2017, and was the first Taiwanese brand to win this distinction. It's designer, Santin Aki is both a designer and photographer. Aki's travels and collaborations with artists all over the world has influenced the evolution of the Take A Note planner. Find out more about their Good Design Award here: https://www.g-mark.org/award/describe/44751

Taking the original SMART GRID of the RECORD series as the core design, the Undated Monthly Planner creates a unique format and enhances planning experiences with the following features: 

  • 12-month Undated Monthly Planner with sufficient grid notes; (recommend using with MASTER Bullet Journal, other LITE Notebooks in the RECORD series, or use it alone)
  • The notes mainly consist of 4mm grids; single grids are suitable for writing in English or Japanese, while double grids (8mm) are for Chinese characters
  • Combining with the 2mm mini-grids and the surrounding anchor points, users can draw various formats easily, such as trisection lines and four quadrants
  • The cover page uses the art paper from a British century-old paper mill, delivering a natural, simple sensation with a tough and solid texture to prevent the notebook from being damaged easily when carried around
  • The inner papers are made of Japan’s high-quality journal paper—white 68gsm Tomoe River Paper
  • Additionally, the Undated Monthly Planner leaves plentiful empty grids around the page for users to utilize freely
  • Page design is supplemented by two colors to distinguish between weekdays and weekends, presenting a refreshing and practical layout
  • 24 pages of Monthly Plan, 34 pages of grid note,

Size: 9.5 x 17 x 0.3cm