mt Maki Maki Washi Tape Roll Maker


Maki Maki is a little known contraption that is useful for all washi tape users. Maki is Japanese for roll. It will take your large rolls of washi tape and easily fashion from them, smaller, more portable rolls, (or bobbins) for portability or for sharing.  Carry a sample roll of your favorite washi tape or share them with friends! You can make mini washi tape rolls or flat bobbins that you can store in a notebook pocket or hang like a charm so it's always available.

The Maki Maki set includes the machine, 2 x flat bobbins, 3 x 15mm rolls, 3 x 5 mm rolls, and a bar to mount the rolls on as well as a limited edition MT washi tape roll!

 Extra flat bobbins available for purchase.