Midori MD Notebook - A5 Grid Block


Simple and sleek, the MD Notebook is designed for ease and comfort when you use it. Jot down what's on your mind easily with this notebook. As it opens flat at 180 degrees, you will have that excellent writing comfort. It also has selectable borders and a convenient index seal. In addition, you can fold the notebook easily in half and hold it in your hand for convenience.

The A5 Grid Block is the latest addition to the MD Notebook collection. Pages are in grid format and divided into 4 quadrants for a variety of different uses. With this MD Notebook Journal, you can record your day to day like a diary. The eight segments across two pages allow you to arrange as you like, by theme, day, or week with a two-page spread (7 days + memo). The grid format is recommended for those who want to organize and edit with diagrams as well as text. With 192 pages, you can use this as a daily diary (one day per page) for six months or a weekly diary (one week per two-page spread) for two years. With the included index stickers, you can categorize your daily records.

Dimension: H210 × W148 × D10mm