Midori Color Theme Stickers - Green 82561


The latest addition to Midori's planner sticker lineup are in colour themes. These tiny planner stickers can fit into your planners without taking up too much space and are even repositionable, just in case your plans happen to change.  Each sheet of stickers is perforated horizontally in the middle of the sheet in case you want to store your stickers in a smaller area or tuck them into a planner cover pocket. 
There are 6 colourwaves in this collection and you can mix and match sheets for a fun colourful layout or use a single colourwave sheet to create a calming monochromatic look.  Whichever style you choose, these planner stickers will surely add an element of fun while you are making plans.  

Variations:  brown, pink, purple, blue, green and yellow
Size:  135 stickers per sheet