La Dolce Vita Sticker Transfers - Sweet Life

La Dolce Vita

These transfer stickers from La Dolce Vita are a lovely set of sticker transfers. This set includes a variety of LDV's signature female characters and different props. Unlike stickers, they do not have a sticky back and are applied by applying pressure to the sticker with a burnishing tool.

Simply cut out the portion of the sheet/design, remove backing and apply the sticker onto your item. Run your burnishing tool/popsicle stick over the design until it is fully released and adhered onto your item.

These stickers have a lovely translucency and layering them creates beautiful effects. They differ from stickers in that they appear printed on your item vs. applied. They can be applied on paper, glass, etc.

Each pack comes with 2 sheets of the same transfer designs.
Size: 15 x 10 cm
Pressure sensitive stickers have white ink
Made in Taiwan