Kyo No Oto Sound Ink - Ryokuyu Iro 40 ml - KO-0112

Takeda Jimuki

This ink is not recommended for fountain pens due to it's tendency to clog the pen with the glitter particles. This ink is recommended for glass pens, dip pens and brushes.

"Green glaze", which produces green color in pottery, is one of the oldest glazes and was already used in China in BC. In Japan, it has been produced since the Heian period and has been favored mainly by aristocrats.

"Kyoto no Oto" is a series of writing inks that reproduce the traditional Japanese colors used since the Heian period with modern techniques and interpretations. Each color features a unique name and story.

This dye ink was originally developed by "Kyoto Kusaki Dyeing Research Institute" consisting of dyeing and weaving experts and TAG STATIONERY.

It is a characteristic ink that makes use of the gradation of shades that utilizes the bleeding that is characteristic of dyes.

〇Dye ink is soluble in water, so you can use it for various expressions such as "blurring" with a pen after writing with ink or stretching the color lightly.

  • Dye Ink
  • Part number: KO-0112
  • Capacity: 40 ml