Kyo-Iro Ink - Flaming Red of Fushimi 40 ml

Takeda Jimuki

The Kyo No Oto Inks from Japan are water-based fountain pen inks which are crafted into perfection. These inks are made using traditional Japanese dying techniques that date back to the Heian Era, over a 1,000 years ago. These beautiful inks give every user a pleasurable writing experience.

Fushimi no Yu Paint. Fushimi-Inari is the main mountain of "Inari-san" with three thousand companies nationwide. It is worshiped by people's sincere faith, and has been widely believed as a god of grain riches, commerce, family security, and fulfillment.

  • Dye Ink
  • Part Number: KI-0103
  • Capacity: 40 ml
  • Application: Fountain pen and pen