Kuretake Karappo BRUSH Pen - A Customizable Brush Pen


The New Kuretake Karappo Brush Pen is an “empty pen” that allows you to easily make custom brush pens using your favorite ink or fountain pen ink. Every set includes an empty core ready to be filled with your choice of ink. Simply soak the "core" in your favorite ink until the core is 80% filled. (You can wipe any excess ink off the core with a paper towel). Place the core in the pen, affix the bottom plug and push the pen down on a flat surface until the plug is fully inserted and has sealed up the bottom of the pen. Each set comes with 2 convenient sticker dots that can be put on the top and bottom of the pen to display the pen color easily.

Available in singles or sets of 5, each pen set includes:

  • 1 pen body
  • 1 empty ink core
  • 1 pen cap
  • 1 pen plug
  • 1 blank sticker