Kokuyo Wide Dotliner - Tape Glue Dot Liner


The Dotliner from Kokuyo has been coveted by scrapbookers everywhere and is a convenient, easy and non-messy way to apply "adhesive" to paper. Simply roll the applicator across the area where glue is required and a thin sticky film is applied to the paper in a continuous feed. Suitable for lightweight papers. 

Kokuyo Dotliner - Tape Glue Dot Liner Wide

Kokuyo Dotliner - Tape Glue Dot Liner Wide REFILL

Dotliner uses a granular glue. Because it is a tape-shaped glue, it is not wet, can be adhered without waiting for it to dry and does not stain your hands. The width of the tape is 20 mm (more than twice the width of the conventional standard product), so it makes applying glue to large areas easy and speedy. 

Uses glue that suppresses acid that causes discoloration of photographs and paper. Also ideal for scrapbooking. Uses environmentally friendly non-solvent glue. It is an Eco Mark acquired product that uses recycled resin for the case. Pop-up type for easy refilling. 

Tape measures: 20mm wide / 16m long