Kobe Fountain Pen Ink - No. 36 Sakaemachi Indigo


Kobe ink is the original fountain pen ink collection from Nagasawa Pen Co. Based in Kobe, Japan, the company was founded in 1882 and known for their high quality pens and inks. Their inks were made by Sailor and boast a gorgeous collection of over 80 colors. Each ink is housed in a wide mouthed 50ml glass jar with colors inspired by "spots in Kobe".

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Motomachi district of Kobe has long been a town with fashionable specialty stores. Against the backdrop of such a history, a new place of transmission of Kobe culture is being born on Sakaemachi-dori where individuality groups gather.
The color that goes well with this new fabric is indigo blue, which can be said to be stateless. I expressed Sakaemachi with colors that create a casual fashion sense.