Kanmido Coco Fusen Mini S - Margaret CF8006


Coco Fusen is a highly portable film tag that is "always with you when you want to use it". A sticky note is set in a case that is compact in size and thickness, and a removable adhesive sticker is attached to the back of the case. By sticking the Coco Fusen case in a familiar place, you can easily take out and use the sticky notes anytime, anywhere, eliminating the hassle and stress of searching for sticky notes. The sticky notes are made of a film that is thinner and stronger than paper, and the edges do not warp. Although it is made of film, it is possible to write with oil-based pens, oil-based ballpoint pens, and pencils.

Size: Width 7 mm x Height 24 mm

This set of 4 colors that are compatible with other items, but also makes the areas you want to stand out.Sticky tab size: W24 x H6mm (60 pieces x 2 cases = 120 pieces)