Irojiten Pencil Crayons 36pk


Irojiten from Tombow is a gorgeous set of high quality colored pencils beautifully arranged in a boxed set of 36 and resembling a volume of a cloth covered books. Beautifully crafted colored pencils with soft lead produces rich, creamy texture and smooth even blending. These are high quality wax-based, artist grade pencils and include a sharpener and small instructional pamphlet. 

Colors include:

Anemone Pink (EX-6), Bamboo (D-14), Cactus Green (D-17), Campanula Blue (LG-9), Celeste Blue (P-18), Cherry Red (V-1), Coral Pink (P-2), Cork (LG-2), Crimson (D-1), Dandelion (V-3), Deep Sea (EX-4), Elm Green (D-6), Fawn (LG-1), Hydrangea Blue (DL-8), Indigo (D-20), Iris Violet (V-9), Ivory Black (V-10), Lapis Lazuli (V-8), Lilac (P-9), Maroon (D-12), Midnight Blue (D-8), Mulberry (D-9), Narcissus (P-4), Peony Pink (EX-7), Plum (D-11), Russet Brown (EX-8), Scarlet (EX-1), Scouring Rush (EX-3), Sepia (EX-9), Silver Gray (EX-10), Spruce (D-18), Tangerine Orange (V-2), Taupe (D-10), Verdigris (DL-5), Wild Grape (EX-5), and Yolk Yellow (EX-2).