Ferris Wheel Press FerriTales - Fountain Pen Ink 85ml - Radiant Rosewing Ink

Ferris Wheel Press

Ferris Wheel Press embarks on the first chapter The Wild Swans Collection, venturing alongside Princess Patch as she courageously seeks to break the spell that ensnares her 11 beloved brothers in avian form. This enchanting shimmering pink ink, inspired by the love and affection between siblings, will imbue your storytelling with a magical touch, capturing the essence of their epic adventure. Dip your pen into the wellspring of creativity and let this ink weave its enchantment as you craft your own spellbinding narrative.

Ink Tone: Rose Pink with Duochrome gold/pink shimmer
Characteristics: Radiant, warming, sunny, rejuvenating

This size is 85ml - a larger size and format to the original Ferritales 20ml bottle.