Ferris Wheel Press Aluminum Carousel Fountain Pen - Harlequin Dream

Ferris Wheel Press

Utilizing the same smooth and playful custom ground steel nib, The new Aluminum Carousel is a substantial writing instrument that invites new stationery users to experience the joy of handwritten correspondence. Made from aircraft grade aluminum with precision milling, we’ve created our most rewarding writing experience yet.

The Fluttering Heart Limited Edition Carousel Fountain Pen continues the story of the Ferris Wheel Press 2023 feature ink with intricately etched hand-illustrated butterflies that dance under your grip. Always find the right words with beauty fluttering at your fingertips, and collect this precious limited edition before they’re gone.

Technical Specifications:

Capping Mechanism: Threaded cap with air seal system
Capped length: 127mm
Posted Length: 123mm
Body: Aircraft grade aluminum
Fountain Pen Nib: Custom ground steel nib; 0.7mm fine, 1.0mm medium widths
Converter: Standard international size converter included

Care Instructions

Filling/Changing Ink Colours:

Unscrew to remove the barrel from the grip section and access the converter.
Place the fountain pen nib fully into warm water. Flush the nib by twisting/untwisting the converter until the water runs clear.
Allow 1 day to dry.
Fill a new colour by fully submerging the nib and feeder into the ink, then draw the ink into your pen but twisting the converter until you’ve reached the top position.

For heavily saturated inks and darker tones, or clogged nibs, you may need to soak the grip/feeder in water overnight
It is normal for some air bubbles to enter the converter when refilling ink