Coccoina All Natural Glue Tin - Pastel Label


*Due to the manufacturing process and the nature of aluminum, it is not uncommon for these tins to have slight dents and imperfection. Please keep this in mind when purchasing or if this condition is not suitable, purchase the glue stick as an alternative. ** Color is for label only. Glue contents is the same across all label colors

In 1927, Aldo Balma, an Italian entrepreneur, revolutionized the stationery industry with his invention: an unbreakable aluminum packaging for solid glue. This was an innovative solution designed to compete with the prevalent glue sold in glass jars. The aluminum can was cleverly designed with a brush holder at its center, enabling the application of thin glue layers. The glue's distinctive sweet almond scent was a key factor in its quick rise to popularity, making it a common sight in Italian and European schools and offices. The Coccoina glue in the aluminum can was particularly prevalent in Europe during the 1950s and continues to evoke nostalgia amongst its users. (Today, the Coccoina glue is also available in a convenient stick form, prioritizing ease of use and environmental sustainability). Its composition is acid and solvent free, non-toxic and water soluble, ensuring it's safe for use around children and easy to clean up with water.

Size: 125g tin + brush (brush is located within the center of the tin.