Boxed Set of 3 Types of Paper Ink Swatch Sheets - Set B


Discover the joy of swatching fountain pen inks with these convenient new sets of swatching papers designed specifically for showcasing the beautiful color variations in your inks. Each set features three different types of Japanese fountain pen friendly papers, carefully selected to enhance the ink swatching experience.

Set A includes 3 types of paper:

  1. Bank Paper: A firm paper made for banking. A smooth and fibrous writing feel.
  2. Marshmallow CoC: Paper boasting top-class whiteness in Japan. Smooth and smooth paper with a gentle writing feel.
  3. Eastley: Pale cream-colored smooth paper that is easy on the eyes and brightens the ink color. It's light and writes well.

Total: 30 sheets

SIZE: W98×D19×H73mm

Country of Origin: Japan