Midori Book Band Pen Case (B6-A5) - Navy


MIDORI, a Japanese stationary brand, offers a wide range of design-focused products that provide comfort and craftiness altogether.

This Book Band Pen Case (Black) is made of soft cotton and polyester blend that ensures comfort and durability. It holds up to four thick axis pens in slim size. With its adjustable feature, this case is usable in B6 to A5 size notebooks.


  • Body - H183 x W55 x D20mm
  • Package - H228 x W82 x D27mm

Material: Cotton/Polyester blend


  • Please avoid washing. If it gets dirty, wipe it gently with a dry cloth.
  • Use in wet condition may cause discoloration or color transfer, so please be careful enough.
  • Depending on the grip material of the pen, the color may shift to the fabric if it is strongly rubbed. be careful.