Boku Undo Paint Palette 6 Color Paint Set - Pale Black Tan Pastels

Boku Undo

These traditional Japanese watercolor sets from Boku-Undo introduce beautiful colors with rich, high-quality pigments. They are perfect for artists of all levels or for those who may not consider themselves artists but still want to add beautiful color to projects, planners, or notebooks.

Boku-Undo, based in Nara, Japan, has been providing artists with top-tier sumi-e and calligraphy supplies for over two centuries. Renowned for their mastery in producing sumi ink, a classic black ink known for its rich, nuanced tones, Boku-Undo ensures lasting quality that stands the test of time.

This set includes 6 colors: Pale Red, Pale Yellow, Pale Green, Pale Blue, Pale Purple, and Pale Brown.

Made In Japan