Azonx Glass Dip Pen - Lamé Purple


This is for 1 boxed glass dip pen with lamé detail. Protective sleeve over the nib must be removed carefully. Includes storage box.

Lamé describes a synthetic thread wrapped in metallic strands which gives off a shiny and sparkly effect. The glass for this dip pen is blown in such a way that gives off this lamé effect.

Each pen is an individual and slightly different from each other due to it's handmade nature. The fine glass tips are twisted in a light spiral to hold the maximum amount of ink so you can write extensively without re-dipping.

NOTE: Please purchase at your own risk. Pen is made from glass and therefore care should be taken with use. They are a delicate writing tool and will break or chip if dropped or if it hits another hard surface and is non-refundable/exchangeable if this happens.

Size: approx. 140mm x 10mm x 10mm