Hobonichi Weeks COVER - Linton: Vacances


LINTON has established themselves as a strong textile brand since the early 20th century. Despite being a long-established they continually push the boundaries in terms of design. The textile used in "Vacances" is exactly the symbol of that. It's pop and cute, and yet it uses long-established weaving technologies. Blue, white, and silver threads are woven horizontally one by one, spreading downward . Like the glittering waves of the summer sea. In the meantime, transparent red, green, blue, and yellow threads occasionally show their faces. Randomly placed pompoms add to the charm of this fabric. The bright yellow color of the leather handle adds an accent. The inside is the same bright yellow leather as the handle. When you open the notebook, you will feel bright and cheerful. The inside pocket is engraved with the LINTON logo.

Please note:
- Each Linton cover is unique due to the fabrication and where on the roll it was cut
- Due to the loose weave, the fabric can fray easily
- Due to the structure of the cover, there may be individual differences in sewing and slack in the lining
- Please use only one side of the Weeks cover to insert notebook to keep good weight balance
- Can be used for the Weeks Mega

Size: 115mm wide x 204mm long x 25mm thick
Material: Outer: Wool, Recycled Cotton, Viscose, Nylon, Polyester Inside: Cowhide