Maste Writeable Perforated Washi Tape Sheet - Gingham Check Pink


From Mark's popular "Maste® Masking Tape that can be written on with a water-based pen," a new type has been released that can be used not only for decorating notebooks and notebooks, but also as a substitute for labels, sticky notes, and memos.

This is a perforated sheet type that can be used in the thickness of your choice.
The three perforated sheets are bundled together like a memo pad, making it convenient to carry. It's perforated so you can easily tear it off by hand.

By simply tearing it up, writing on it, and pasting it on a notebook or notebook, you can easily create a stylish and unified page.
Recommended for use as a small memo or for making colored paper.

A simple and cute item that you'll want to collect.
You can enjoy more freedom in customizing your decorations to suit your preferences, occasion, and lifestyle.


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