Pilot Juice 10th Anniversary Ltd Edition - Fairytale 3 Color Sets


This Pilot Juice 10th Anniversary Ltd Edition Fairytale Set features brilliantly colorful, water-resistant ink and celebrates a decade of Pilot Juice excellence. Each pen has a special vintage-inspired ink color and an off-white barrel with a translucent push button. Sets of 3 are boxed in story book themed boxes.

Select from the following sets:
Hansel and Gretel - Aqua Blue/Dk Red/Coral Pink
Little Red Riding Hood - Green/Red/Coffee Brown
Alice in Wonderland - Leaf Green/Sky Blue/Yellow
The Wizard of Oz - Gray/Apricot Orange/Light Blue
The Little Mermaid - Tuquoise Green/Baby Pink/Blue
Bremen Town Musicians - Blue Black/Black/Orange
Made In Japan